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Nyan Cat Midi Piano

A bit of a transcription exercise really, I transcribed the popular (enjoyable or annoying) Nyan Cat music for piano in Sibelius and created a midi file, enjoy :)

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Audio 24 Sep

Hill-Billy Shuffle - Luke Freeman

Here is a very short piece I composed on Sibelius it’s an mp3 of the midi file I produced, some day I will learn to play this, but for now here it is, enjoyyy :)

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Video 21 Jul 6 notes

Maurice Ravel - Jeux d’eau - Luke Freeman

Hey, I’ve not posted in a while so here’s a video of me playing a short section (the first one minute or so) of Ravel’s Jeux d’eau, translating to “Fountains” Enjoy :)

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Percussive Haven - Luke Freeman

A relaxing percussive improvisation :) Enjoy

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Video 15 Dec

The Beginning - Luke Freeman

I had a go at composing some film music, here’s what I came up with, enjoy :)

Video 13 Dec

Little Ditty - Luke Freeman

Here’s a short catchy composition :D Enjoy!

Text 8 Nov

flatfreeman said: Can you play a house or a car as they have keys?

Haha! Fool! :P Anything musical instrument wise, with keys! :)

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Monday Morning Un-Blues - Luke Freeman

An upbeat improvisation to combat those monday morning blues! Enjoy :)

(P.S It’s a little rough and ready in places!)

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Video 17 Oct

A Slice of Jazz Pie - Luke Freeman

A nice little Jazz piece I composed on Sibelius a couple of months ago, but only just got round to learning :)

Video 14 Oct

Warming Up - Luke Freeman

A bit of a warm up, arpeggiating through a few chords and keys. Recorded it on my phone so the quality/angle isn’t brilliant

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